Promat Contoured Bodied Flange Branch Fittings

PromatBD manufactures and stocks a new generation of flanged branch connections whereby one single fitting is produced from a unique single forging to replace the 3 separate components of a conventional 3 piece branch assembly.

The fittings provide reduced fabrication and installation costs to our customers and offer increased strength & safety and improved integrity

Promat BD contoured forged fittings have Lloyds type approval covering the following design codes:

  • ANSI B31.1
  • ANSI B31.3
  • ANSI B31.4
  • ANSI B31.8
  • ASME 8
  • BS 5500

We produce a range of fittings to suit different applications:

Weldoflange - Short length 90 degree branch connection

Latroflange - 45 degree angular branch connection

Elboflange - Centre line branch connection for pipe heads

Nipoflange - Extended length 90 degree branch connection

Reinforced Nipoflange - Self reinforcing fixed length 90 degree branch connection