Engineering & Design Excellence

PromatBD's innovative designs are recognized world-wide. The Company's excellent in-house design and engineering capability and vast knowledge base have generated a steady flow of new, innovative flanged products and pipe fittings over the years. The Company's highly experienced piping engineers are committed to continue with the development of further new product designs where they offer the potential to reduce our customers' total costs.

By working very closely with its customers the PromatBD's team has gained a detailed insight into the build up of their total costs. It is this knowledge and understanding of total costs that is used as the basis for the Company's initiatives to "engineer out" costs through innovative product design. Our customers' costs are significantly reduced through fewer welding operations, lower N.D.T and testing charges, less assembly and installation time, reduced set up time, reduced paperwork handling charges, lower fabrication weights, and reduced inventories as well as a reduction in overall component costs.

By reducing the number of welds PromatBD fittings also significantly increase the overall strength and safety of the branch connection.

It is this emphasis on total costs rather than mere unit prices that differentiates PromatBD from so many of the traditional flange manufacturers.